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Our approach is to remain highly specialised, having enough resources to accommodate large projects, while retaining a company ethos of focusing on personal, customised service.

Arkhill Engineer's  mandate is to exceed client needs by offering qualified, multidisciplinary engineering services that utilise a broad range of engineering specialties. That said, we approach each unique project with the expertise and the know-how to create the right tailored solution.

Arkhill Engineers specialises in;

   ·  civil and structural engineering
   ·  mechanical engineering
   ·  electrical engineering
   ·  technical support
   ·  drafting

State-of-the-art engineering software combined with a detailed quality system ensure client solutions are competitive and reliable. Engineering software includes;

   ·  conveyor design
   ·  structural and civil analysis and design
   ·  piped liquid
   ·  slurries and gas network design
   ·  drainage and survey packages

All drafting is carried out by CAD on various common packages defined by the client's needs

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