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Industrial Developments

Arkhill Engineers specialise in planning, engineering design, 2D and 3D drafting and preparation of technical specifications and schedules.  We are able offer full engineering support for procurement, project management and construction including:

  • Land development planning and design
  • Buildings, factories, process equipment planning and design
  • Bulk Solids Material handling infrastructure - hoppers, bins, conveyors, sizing stations, feeders and screens
  • Pavements, hardstands and equipment laydown pads
  • Logistics storage and handling facilities
  • ROPS and towing equipment audits and inspections
  • Demolition of structures, development of repair methodology of damaged infrastructure
  • Stormwater catchment flood studies, including drainage assessment and design.
  • Services infrastructure design including stormwater, sewer, firewater and sprinkler systems, slurry and tailings process water systems, oils, compressed air, power and communication systems.

Arkhill Engineers can coordinate and manage your project, and prepare  Development and Construction Certificate applications. We will liaise with regulatory authorities for development applications and planning approvals.