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Arkhill Engineers  provide engineering support in the design and certification of many projects. Developing new and expansion of existing Surface Operations include:

  • Boxcut design and highwall stabilisation works, bulk earthworks, final landform and rehabilitation strategies and design.
  • Mine dewatering, borehole pumps
  • Tyre change pads and wash bays for light and heavy vehicles
  • Water truck fill stations
  • Lifting equipment
  • Pump stations
  • Monorails, overhead and davit cranes
  • Materials Handling infrastructure such as:​

Engineering expertise and support include inspections, commissioning, technical advice and project management for the construction of all infrastructure. Arkhill Engineers will liaise with regulatory bodies for planning approvals.

Arkhill Engineers can also plan and design Services infrastructure such as firewater and sprinkler systems, slurry and tailings process water systems, solcenic, oils, compressed air, stormwater, sewer, power and communications.

Water Assessments including flood studies can be performed to assist with the design of surface mining infrastructure like diversion drains, dams, siphons, pontoons and buried conduits.

Design of buildings, workshops, offices and logistics storage and handling facilities as well as the demolition of redundant structures.

Traffic and transportation planning including car parks, roads and bridge overpasses.

Surface Mining Operations Infrastructure

  • Conveyors, tripper stations, LTU, drive stations, tail ends
  • Dump Station Hoppers, Surge bins
  • Reclaim tunnels and feeder chamber stations
  • Conveyor transfer stations, sizing, feeders and screens stations
  • Conveyor throughput upgrades
  • 2D and 3D drafting, 3D chute modelling and design