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Arkhill Engineers use state of the art engineering software to provide cost competitive and innovative solutions including:

  • Rehabilitation, land development, strategic master planning and design
  • Development of life-of-mine water management strategies and surface water management plans
  • Urban and rural catchment surface water management assessments
  • Water balance modelling
  • 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling
  • Mine water dilution treatment studies
  • Stormwater drainage assessment and design including open channels, buried conduits and culverts, clean and dirty water diversion drains, mine-water and leachate containment dams, sediment dams and detention basin systems.
  • Dewatering and services borehole infrastructure for underground mining
  • Erosion control protection: rip-rap, rock mattress and gabion structures
  • All electrical infrastructure for environmental monitoring
  • Auditing and assessment reporting of existing water management facilities. 

Water Engineering - Environment

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